1. Hey, that was the coolest flying seagull I had ever seen before. And I was really impressed by what I just saw. Are there anymore videos of this kind of workmanship of this kind of project? And can I build a replica of such a project?
    What would happen as you scaled it up to a model that was….say a 60 inch wingspan. And Would the weight of such a craft not make it not practical? I would really be interested in knowing how to build such a project to fly around at a field near me. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Amazing bit of Engineering.

  3. How ’bout aconstruction article and plans for this very interesting flying seagull project. I would like to build and fly one!

  4. Hi, this is a beauty.My students at Centre Point school, Nagpur, India, really enjoyed seeing the video and are excited to try their hands at it . where and how may I procure the design/material/kit, what ever possible.?
    We will be grateful if you could help us out.

  5. Want to get one. Whish they were for sale. Work of art Masterful is an nderstatement. Guys a genius

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