RC Star Wars Snowspeeder vs. AT-AT

RC Star Wars Snowspeeder vs. AT-AT

Our buddy Adam Woodworth is always coming up with cool RC Stars Wars projects (like this Storm Trooper), and his latest one is awesome: an twin-motor Alliance Snowspeeder that takes out an AT-AT. Adam explains how he came up with the project: “I was walking around Home Depot, when I came across a giant inflatable AT-AT lawn decoration. The only logical next step was to build a big snow speeder to knock it down … I had done a micro build a few years back that flew pretty well, so I just scaled things up 3.3 times.  I wanted to keep it very light, so that I could fly it indoors. Wing loading is well under 6 oz./sq. ft. so it putts around at a crawl if you want. I added an extra servo to make the harpoon move with rudder input.  Special thanks my dad, and my buddy Dan for helping with the filming. I included some bonus footage at the end of us trying to get the shots.” Enjoy!



  1. Build thread?

    It was cool to see the video but how about adding the information you know everyone is going to be looking for in one place and that is either a build thread or plans????

  2. Adam, very cool project! Plans and specs available?

  3. Beautiful. How can I get a set of plans

  4. Fantastic video!! I also would like to know if you will be making plans available. Thanks for the great show!

  5. I’d like plans, too.

  6. Wow!! What a treat, thanks for sharing.

  7. It’s encouraging to see there’s still real modelers out there,that think up new creations and then build them from scratch.the thrill of seeing something fly you made yourself is something the “arf army” will never experience

  8. Adam, Great video and kudos to your dad and friend for their skillful physical work. Checked the build thread with the good photos and helper felines. Look forward to seeing the plans when available.

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