RC to the rescue!

RC to the rescue!

Meet EMILY, an RC lifeguard! It looks like a buoy but is actually a small watercraft fitted with a flotation device. It can travel at speeds of up to 22mph and reach swimmers in distress more quickly, and sometimes more safely, than a human lifeguard. Check out the video!


Updated: August 22, 2012 — 8:57 AM


  1. Emily at her best. “You Go Girl”

  2. Put wings and a handle to grab on it … then you’ve really got something here! Thanks for posting, cool use of RC!

  3. Does anyone know how the propeller doesn’t cut up the person drowning? Maybe some sort of electric induction motor? Maybe it’s in a cage? Hummm….

    1. its actually a jet powered model. Not like a jet engine but a spinning prop inside a tube so the person doesn’t get hit by the prop nor can the boat be tangled in seaweed!

  4. It’s a jet ski.

  5. What a wonderful thing for Emily’s family to do. This WILL save some lives.

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