RC WW II Luftwaffe Flying Wing Takes Flight

RC WW II Luftwaffe Flying Wing Takes Flight

Erik van den Hoogen’s scratch-built, all-wood Gotha P.60A flies quite well, especially considering that the full-size interceptor it is modeled after was never completed! With a wingspan of 10 feet, 10 inches, this 1/4-scale, 77-pound model Is powered by two AMT Mercury turbine engines, each with 9.5kg of thrust. Our thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this great video at the Model Airshow of MFC-Hurlach in Germany earlier this month.

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Updated: November 7, 2018 — 5:23 PM


  1. Sweeet! Like to see a build thread on this one. I have a book by Jane’s Aircraft titled German Jet Genesis which details many, many, advanced designs the Germans worked on, from just drawings, to scale models, to flying prototypes. They even had a concept for a trans-atmospheric bomber. Amazing stuff.

  2. Must be awfully easy to lose orientation…

  3. Very nice, looks great & flies well. Good job.

  4. Beautiful… but either it isnt to stable or he’s jerky with the sticks. Still, wonderful job.

  5. Exceptional model and pilot.

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