Real or RC? Amazing Airbus Puts on a Show

Real or RC? Amazing Airbus Puts on a Show

Decked out in Singapore Airlines livery, this 1/15-scale A-380 800 Airbus would look right at home on the tarmac of an international airport. Powered by four Jetcat P120 turbine engines that use a gallon of jet fuel every three minutes, the 156-pound jet was built by Peter Michel and piloted here by Michael Bräuer. Thanks to RC Media World for taking this great video at the Hausen Flight Days airshow in Switzerland.

Updated: November 11, 2015 — 3:55 PM


  1. Thank you for the Airbus show! Simply spectacular. M

  2. Always interesting to see the skill and technology evident in such a large model. The few people that do this seem to have gotten really good at it and have very, very deep pockets. The kids at the local “park flyer” field kept asking me to “make it crash”–I wonder if that has become the fascination in watching these oversize and aerobatic limited models fly? Debra–may I suggest a survey to see what kind of models folks are most interested in seeing on the “video” pages? I’m beginning to think having a scale F-18 (with Go-Pro/FPV) landing on scale carrier on water is the next step up!

  3. For Ray;

    I am a boat modeler but would not even attempt a scale carrier of the size you would need. What are we talking; 200 feet long?

  4. I see these great scale aircraft built with such precision. What I would really like to see is how do they accomplish this?? Are they aircraft engineers with a metal fabrication plant at their disposal? Lets see the build process please!

  5. Oh, I guess my comment had a bit of jest…I am suffering a bit of “Ferrari envy” in my old age, since I know I’ll not get the car or build a model of this complexity. But seriously, forget the water part of my comment, think of how interesting it would be to see cockpit video of a turbine jet landing on a simulated carrier deck with arresting gear. When you look a model like the Rusjet Yak 130, you start to believe anything is possible…

  6. how much does it cost to build something like this!?!?

  7. Wonderful ..100% realistic look..Airbus 380 800 Dreamliner !!

  8. beauty of a flight. excellent landing. kudos to the pilot

  9. Yes, I would love to see the building process on something this big. How long did it take them to build it? Inquiring minds want to Thanks for showing the video. Awesome.

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