RealFlight 6, the latest in realism

RealFlight 6, the latest in realism

RealFlight has just announced their all-new RealFlight 6, which should be available in late October.

RealFlight 6  gives pilots more realistic physics along with an InterLink Elite Controller that’s configured like a heli transmitter but also has a lot more aircraft are available to choose from as well!  With RealFlight 6 you could fly a different plane or heli every day for months, just with the new planes/helicopters in RealFlight 6.  In addition to over 85 models, pilots get a choice of an Airplane Mega Pack with 36 additional planes or a Heli Mega Pack with 47 extra helis.  Heli experts Brian Bremer, Matt Botos, Bobby Watts and others worked with RealFlight engineers to program increased precision and incredible heli performance for more true-to-life crash results and more precise heli flight characteristics.

RealFlight 6 is the only sim with a reset button – setting it apart from all other simulators on the market.  Push the button following a crash and pilots are instantly ready for the next flight.  And there’s an instant Rewind as well!  Holding down the Reset button rewinds the current flight and lets pilots start flying again from any point.  New features like the following make RealFlight 6 the absolute best way to learn to fly:

Safety Alerts:

Provides a checklist of safe flying practices pilots should follow when flying their actual model.

Quick Load:

Makes loading a new aircraft or flying site super-fast.  Pilots just start typing the name, and choices are instantly displayed – ready for selection.

Quick Edit:

Pilots can make simple changes to a RealFlight aircraft that will accurately reflect the flight characteristics of their actual R/C model – in just a couple of keystrokes.

Veteran pilots as well as those simply interested in finding out more about radio control recognize RealFlight as the best flight training available.  The physics and graphics are so accurate, it’s like flying the actual airplane or heli and RealFlight offers so many choices in aircraft, flying sites and customization, there’s virtually no scenario pilots can’t recreate!


GPMZ4460     RealFlight 6 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 2       Price:$199.99

GPMZ4461     RealFlight 6 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 1       Price:$199.99

GPMZ4462     RealFlight 6 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 2              Price:$199.99

GPMZ4463     RealFlight 6 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 1              Price:$199.99


Updated: September 30, 2011 — 10:44 AM


  1. I own Mac computers – MacBook Air & iMac desktop. Will Parallels 7 work with RealFlight 6?

    1. I don’t think so, but I am not a MAC expert. This is what they have on the RealFlight website:
      Compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7
      Local administrator access required
      All RealFlight Expansion Packs are compatible with RealFlight 6
      Not compatible with Windows NT, Mac platforms or Windows emulators such as Virtual PC on a Mac.
      RealFlight performance will be greatly limited if used with a Netbook

  2. I have been happy with real flight but my only gripe is the graphics is getting long in the tooth. It is still based around Direct X 9.0c. Which was released in 2004. They have done an excellent job of masking this with photo realistic fields. However that’s a gimmick that wears off quickly. Becaused the field is a picture and not a rendered image, You loose features like changing your views. I like them to move the graphics engine to OpenGL. It would allow the simulator to become cross platform and support at least Mac OSX. I’d like to see Linux too. At the very least update to direct X 11. It is kinda sad I have to install a eight year old API for a brand new simulator.

    Don’t get me wrong I think it’s been a great release. The focus on physics was very welcomed. After all it’s a simulator. However my vote is that version 6.5 or version 7 updates the graphics engine.

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