RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

Reviewed in the upcoming April 2014 issue of MAN, RealFlight 7 offers six exciting fun fly Challenges for you to choose from. As well as being a great learning and teaching tool for beginner and advanced RC pilots, these flight challenges are more than just video games. Being able to practice these popular real life Fun Fly tasks with the security that only the virtual “Rest Button” can provide, RealFlight 7 provides you the opportunity to master them painlessly so you’ll be way ahead of the competition at the flying field. With your improved piloting skills, you’ll be the hot sticks everyone talks about on the flightline. Check ’em out!

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

Air Race

Patterned after full-scale Red Bull air racing, this challenge has you fly around and through vertical gates in a specific pattern and at a specific attitude. You’ll have to go through the gates upright, inverted, or even knife edge to properly execute the race. Miss a gate, or go through with the aircraft in the wrong attitude, and you’ll find yourself circling back to do it again! Score is based on speed and accuracy, with different aircraft and different courses.


Balloon Burst

An all time RC fun fly favorite, all you have to do is burst as many tethered balloons as you can before time runs out. Higher levels bring more balloons, some of which are hard to find.



For the Heli guys, this is a challenging test that has you maneuver your Heli (or Quadcopter) to pick up items and re-locate them using a magnetic grapple. You can position yourself to for a pilot view, on the ground or flying inside the cockpit.



Another old-time favorite with fun fly and sport flyers, Limbo has you fly the model under horizontal poles. It gets harder when you start navigating to fly under multiple poles at different heights, multiple times, with obstacles in the way — and it’s all to answer the question: How low can you go?

Spot Landings

A great way to quickly increase your piloting skills is to do multiple spot landings real world and in RealFlight 7. Accuracy is just one aspect of this challenge, as it is equally important to land without damaging your plane. Targets areas progress to smaller ones, with limited power or even dead-stick landings thrown in to keep it exciting.


Ring Race

And, for the strictly virtual world, RealFlight 7 offers challenges that only a sim can provide. In Ring Race, you test your reflexes as you fly your airplane through various rings. Your model’s airspeed increases and the courses become more and more unpredictable as you advance to higher levels.

All this and a whole lot more await you with RealFLight 7. Be sure to check out the complete and detailed product review coming soon in the April 2014 issue of Model Airplane News.

 Having it your Way!

When it comes to setting up the RealFlight 7 flight sim, you have a lot of choices for a custom looks and for custom performance. Also there are lots of cool screens and features that really enhance the experience. check it out.

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

How about an RAF Mustang?

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

Maybe you want a HUD (Heads Up Display)?

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

3D aerobatic training interest you?

 RealFlight 7, the Osprey Tilt-Rotor

Here’s one of my favorite “rides” in RealFlight 7, the Osprey Tilt-Rotor.

RealFlight 7 Flight Sim – Are you up to the Challenge?

And when it comes to making custom adjustments to your plane, the popup windows make it very easy and painless.

Updated: August 3, 2015 — 10:59 AM

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  1. How about working on the unlimited combat. I thought all planes and helis had guns ?? I’m a bit disappointed. That was the reason for me to get RF7

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