RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator

RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator

From RealFlight:

Whether you want to learn to fly a drone without crashing it or you’re an aspiring aerial photographer needing help taking photos and videos from your multirotor eye-in-the-sky, here’s big news: the new RealFlight Drone flight simulator from Hobbico teaches you both from the safety of your PC.

Part flight sim, part aerial camera instructor and 100% fun, RealFlight Drone is designed to help drone enthusiasts master drone and camera control at no risk to their flying machine or equipment. Both rookies and seasoned flyers can use the software to learn to:

  • Develop flight agility skills for 15 different multirotor configurations
  • Maneuver drones into the best position for capturing desired shots
  • Master basic camera gimbal operation to find the best angle for aerial photos
  • Perfect First Person View (FPV) camera control by framing each scene from a drone’s eye view
  • Practice flying and taking photos in a variety of conditions, including day, night and changing wind scenarios

Game-like exercises such as the Scavenger Hunt challenge for achieving proper positioning make Realflight Drone enjoyable as well as effective in teaching drone and camera skills. Practice makes perfect thanks in part to exclusive RealPhysics™ technology that recreates multirotor aircraft and flying environments with feel-likeyou’re- there accuracy – the better to smoothly navigate your way through the blue when you take the real thing out for a spin.

The software comes with an InterLink® Elite controller from Futaba® that operates like a real, high-quality drone flight transmitter with the same controls—even digital trims. No batteries, complicated setup, keyboard or mouse are needed— the controller operates all software functions. A built-in interface also makes it possible to fly RealFlight Drone simulations with an R/C transmitter you might already own.

GPMZ4800 – RealFlight Drone Simulator w/InterLink – $129.99
GPMZ4508 – Upgrade to RF7.5 (Software Only) – $49.99

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Updated: October 26, 2015 — 12:41 PM
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