Bücker Jungmeister — A Really Big RC Biplane

Bücker Jungmeister — A Really Big RC Biplane

Helmut Müller’s 85% scratch-built Bücker looks like it could carry a small person! The 17.5-foot-span model weighs in at 286 pounds and is powered by a Hirth 521cc 2-stroke (intended for an ultralight!) turning a Fiala 60 x 20 wood propeller. The model uses industrial-quality Tonegawa Seiko servos, a redundant radio system and a dual-ignition starter. Helmut glued and sewed the Seconite covering (like that used on some man-carrying planes) that replicates the plane that Romanian captain Alex Papana flew at the Olympic Games in 1936 (the first and last time that flying was an Olympic sport). Thanks go  to RC Media World for sharing this great footage from the Megaflugshow in Göttingen, Germany.


  1. Looks slightly underpowered

  2. What a waste of time, why build anything that large, why not make it full size

  3. ……………. WOW

  4. A thing of beauty! Well flown and very realistic aerobatic manuvering. Loved the landing and ground-handling.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous.

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