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Really Big Control Linkage Hardware — Sullivan Products 6-32 ProRod System!

Really Big Control Linkage Hardware — Sullivan Products 6-32 ProRod System!

So if you are into giant scale and really big high-performance 3D aerobatic airplanes, then you know the importance of quality hardware. With everything hanging out over the edge, you don’t want any weak links in your control linkage setups. That’s where Sullivan Products’ new 6-32 ProRod Hardware comes in.

Shown at the recent AMA East Expo trade show, the new gold anodized hardware in the Sullivan Products booth looks like it will easily get the job done. Including everything you need, ProRod hardware is based on 6-32 threads and includes the ProRod 12 inch pushrods, ProConnector 6-32 ball connectors, ProHorn designwith 1-inch offset, 6-32 Thre4ad Studs and Hex Nuts and assorted 6-32 threaded rods Also inched are harwood ProPlugs that are glued into your control surfaces to support your hardware attachment points, as well as the ProCutter for forming the precision opening in wood, foam and fiberglass to accept the ProPlugs.

The ProHorn has a 1-inch offset for perfect hingeline alignment.


With both the ProPlugs and the ProCutter for forming the precision openings, your 6-32 hardware will have solid bullet proof attachment points.

The ProRod system is a complete 6-32 answer to solid and reliable slop-free control linkages for your really big RC projects.

Stop by your local hobby shop and check out all these quality gold anodized hardware items.

Will Connolly (left) and Fred Visnaw were on hand at the AMA East Expo answering all the customer’s questions.


Well thought out, this entire 6-32 hardware system is a step above the normal heavy duty giant scale hardware choices. Check it out and be confident you’ll have solid control of any of your super big performers.




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