Really Cool stuff that flies! RC Paper Airplanes

Really Cool stuff that flies! RC Paper Airplanes

Check this out. This guys a is genius and has developed a paper airplane that, with his kit, can be controlled with your iPhone. Way cool and you get to fold the paper airplane all by yourself so it is a DIY project for the person who has never built or flown a model airplane, (or anything else for that matter,) before.

High on our cool factor gauge!

Updated: September 3, 2014 — 12:03 PM


  1. I’ve been meaning to get one of those. So cool!


  2. Now that justs “plane” COOL!

  3. Now that just “plane” COOL!

  4. They are available now. . The Power-up 3.0 is really neat.

  5. Is the app only available for iPhones? What does the kit cost? Where can one get the kit?

  6. Ive “built” & flown with success the non RC version of the PowerUps paper plane and it does fly quite well but you have to get it trimmed just so and have a very calm wind or you will have fits. Once trimmed, etc. I was able to get it to fly in large circles the size of a baseball diamond until the battery ran down & after a quick charge fly again. They have them on Amazon for like $15 for non RC 2.0 version.

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