Red Tails Movie — Today’s the Day!!!

Red Tails Movie — Today’s the Day!!!

Well, it’s January 20, 2012! Do you plan to see this exciting new movie? The retelling the Tuskegee Airman’s story is sure to impress a lot of folk who might not even know the history of this fighter group!  The editors at MAN can’t wait! Be sure to also check out our February 2012 Red Tails issue of MAN for behind the scenes information about the movie and some of the history of the actual Tuskegee Airmen!

Red Tails Tuskegee Airmen

Get your candy and popcorn ready! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet in the movies, “Red Tails” is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during World War II.  Writers: George Lucas (story), John Ridley (screenplay); Director: Anthony Hemingway; Stars: Bryan Cranston, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard.

This promises to be the best aviation history movie ever made and it certainly makes the editors of MAN want to go build a P-51D Mustang! Check out these behind the scenes photos we found.

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Production photos courtesy of

From ScreenRant’s Mike Eisenberg

“The first set images from Red Tails, the George Lucas-produced WWII biopic about the Tuskegee Airmen, have been unveiled. The first look behind the scenes of producer George Lucas’ World War II​ biopic Red Tails have surfaced. The last we heard from the set, George Lucas was none too thrilled with director Anthony Hemingway’s work and ordered re-shoots that he himself would direct, but that later turned out to be false. Even though these photos appear (according to the film slate) to be over a year old, an inside look is an inside look. Red Tails stars Terrence Howard​ and Cuba Gooding, Jr​. in an ensemble cast that hopes to successfully tell one of WWII’s most intriguing stories.”


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  1. WOW! I’m getting my ticket early! I most definitely will see this movie. Hey, a Lucas movie directed by himself! Gotta be a winner. Bet I can even pick out the R/C Mustangs too!

    Gave me the goose bumps just watching the trailer.

    See ya there!

  2. The movie trailer is absolutely awesome.. I can’t wait to see the movie ” Red Tails”

  3. I haven’t been this excited ssince my wedding night!

  4. We are going to get a bunch of our club members together for a trip to the movies when this one comes out for sure! We did the same thing for Peril Harbor, Flyboys, and we had a home movie night with everyone watching “The Red Baron” movie on Roku/NetFlicks… Aviation movies are the best!

  5. Yippeee! Can not wait to see that Lucas flick! At last Red Tails come in light !

  6. Wow awesome trailer!! What about the film “The Tuskegee Airmen”starring Laurence Fishburne? Cuba Gooding JNR was in that one as well. It came out about 4 years ago.I have a copy and watch it when my wife has gone to bed early.( she`s not too keen on aeroplanes!! 🙁

  7. Wow, that looks awesome. Looks like a must see.

  8. I saw the trailer too, and cannot wait to see this movie. I hope they tell the story accurately, but also let everyone know just how important these brave pilots were and what they had to face just to get their chance to show what they could do.

  9. I have my seat already picked out.

  10. me too John! I got my tickets online with! should be a real popcorn muncher!

  11. Went to see it opening night.. Great movie for modelers.. Wife might not enjoy as much.. Told a good story of their travels.. Fantastic graphics and filming…Not knowing alot about the “Red Tails” myself, this is a good start to the story.. The filming quality was like being there in person.. IF YOU LIKE AIRPLANES ( as we do) You will love this movie. I plan to ask Santa for it…We did actually go as a club to see it.. Fun stuff.

  12. We went to see it opening night as a club.. Good outing plus we got to take our sweeties! If you love airplanes as we do, this is a great show.. Fantastic filming quality, it’s like you are actually walking through the air filed at times.. If you dont know alot about the Red Tails, this is a good start to their story… GO SEE IT ! Terry B.

  13. Watched it last night and I have to say this is a must see movie. Great fighter scenes although some unrealistic aerobatics, but otherwise enjoyed the entire movie.

  14. I went to see this movie Sunday night, after reading this review and the interview the Reverend Al Sharpton conducted on his MSNBC show Politics Nation with some of the stars, the director Hemmingway, as well as one of the surviving Tuskegee Airmen. This will go down as one of the very best war movies ever made. I may even want to see it again in the theater, and will definitely want a DVD.

    I’m so thrilled at the bravery these pilots demonstrated in the face of everything they had to face just to get in the air, let alone fly in major combat.

    I have posted several videos of people flying both real and model radio control planes on Reverend Sharpton’s Politics Nation Facebook Fan Page to let everyone know just how exciting this movie is, and how people are getting inspired by their heroics that they are now modeling to the Red Tails design as well as restoring real Mustangs to the Red Tails color scheme. I hope Reverend Sharpton is excited by what’s taking place in the hobby as well as with people with real Mustangs using the Red Tails design.

    It is very gratifying to see an often underrated and often underreported story like this finally get told.

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