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Reliable RC Fuel Systems Keep your Model Airplane Engine Happy

Reliable RC Fuel Systems  Keep your Model Airplane Engine Happy

Radio control model airplanes rely on two basic systems to fly, the radio system and the power system (excluding gliders). Whether you are relying on a nitro-burning glow engine or a high-octane, gasoline-sipping powerplant, if your engine loses its fuel supply, you’ll find yourself in a dead-stick situation with a plane that wasn’t designed to be a glider.


To prevent dead-stick landings, the first steps are taken at the workbench while you install the fuel ...

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  1. I subscribe to Model Airplane News, the magazine. I’m not sure if I’m a subscriber to the digital edition. How do I know? I want to send an article on reliable fuel systems. Please respond. thanks

    1. Yes, all print subscribers have access to the digital edition. You can log in to your digital subscription on the home page with your email address. If your email address isn’t associated with your subscription, our customer service folks can help fix that; just email them your info at Thank you!

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