Remote ID — Angry Pilots!

Remote ID — Angry Pilots!

More from Tim McKay on this hot topic within the RC community. For those who may not know, Remote ID is essentially the ability for the FAA to track your drone or RC model aircraft. This has been an increasing topic of debate, especially with the onset of drone deliveries. Google’s Wing, a drone delivery service, has already dropped off hundreds of thousands of packages in various cities in the US, Finland, and Australia.

Updated: January 30, 2023 — 1:56 PM


  1. I threw my drone in the trash. This only the start for big brother. They tracted the truck I use to drive. The chip in your car can be read. Example the state of Washington went to the company storage yard and read the chip in a truck. Found that it had been driven 75 MPH 3 years prior, They were going to cancel the drivers CDL, but he hadn’t worked for us for years so it went away. The electric cars will be next, for road tax collection. Mail vehicles are tracked continuously.

  2. Do they add a tracking device into the plane? This is the first I have heard of this How long have they been doing this? I fly with mostly old school 72 mghz. Is this something that will work with 72mghz?

  3. Ralph, I think you are on to something!

  4. The communist Marxist in this government now are doing everything they can to track us, and to keep us from having guns and anything else. As far as I am concerned we may just have to have a revolution one day to take back our freedoms.

    1. Your suspicion is totally wrong. I lived in different communist Marxist countries during several years and I was free to travel anywhere w/o being tracked. But it is true that I do not go to the leading third world country, the US, neither for work nor for turism, because I feel is one of the most unsecure, primitive and dangerous countries in the world, due to violence and widespread diffusion of guns among yougsters, mentally ill people, and others of that kind. BTW, guns are not widespread in those communist (or former communist) countries, and most of them are more civilised than US. But probably you were Kidding!

  5. I enjoy your insight and professional demeanor. You explain things very well and anyone involved in RC aircraft/drone flying should be paying close attention to this remote ID process through all articles/videos put out by responsible parties such as yourself. I have been in this hobby for 43 years and as an instructor for 40 of those years. It never seems to surprise me at what people do not know, lack of safety concerns and the ‘I’ll do what I want attitude” some people have. If people follow the rules and fly in compliance then there are no problems. It’s those people with bad attitudes and do what they want that hurt the decent majority. Keep up your good work and videos so we can follow and understand and enjoy this hobby and be in compliance and be safe.

  6. This is surely going to have a negative effect on our hobby. I am wondering if it is worth the hassle

  7. The root cause of this entire fiasco is generational. I have been building and flying fixed wing LOS glow powered models (e.g. Sig AstroHog) since the late ‘60’s. Modellers like myself are not flying drones!!! And we are not the problem!!! I have observed a continually increasing attitude among the younger generation who have no regard for anything but themselves. I see it on the roads all the time. It’s like the Wild West all over again and now that attitude is bleeding over into our hobby.

    I thoroughly resent being identified in the same category with these candidates for the Darwin awards. Fortunately in Canada we are provided with an interactive map showing the various classes of airspace and where we can fly our models legally and safely.

    It will be a cold day in hell when I will allow anyone to interfere with my legal enjoyment of the hobby!

  8. Unfortunately, the very reason that the Feds feel they should be tracking our planes and drones is because of the very real possibility that someone who wants to “start a revolution” can use a drone to deliver explosives to anyplace they like. Even scarier, as facial recognition gets better, extremists on either side of the fence will be able to target specific people with explosive carrying drones. I don’t like the idea of loosing my guns, being tracked or having cops at my door because I was speeding a few years ago either, but advancing tech and the people who use it is moving us towards that reality. While most of us just want to use our computers and phones to get information on model planes, buy car parts and make phone calls, but others are actively trying to disrupt civilization as we know it. It really isn’t a conspiracy, the government is just trying to protect us from ourselves while we enjoy living in the best damn countries (US and Canada) in the world. We all liked living in the 1900’s, but that time is behind us and we need to learn to live in the 2000’s. BTW, if you really want to live in the 60’s again, burn your computer, your phone, your car with electric windows and seats, the 4K TV….well, you get the idea.

  9. Firstly Hi everyone,
    It’s not surprising there’s no trust in government it deeply
    Seeded in us from the birth of our nation ya know “Never give up liberty on the promise of safety’ kinda thing! Look no further than the DOJ labeling parents as Domestic terrorist for questioning school boards! (Oh, oh off the beaten path) I guess my point here is this there’s going to be bad actors in any walk of life but there are answers here one need look at what the militaries doing to mitigate the bad actors from well just being bad actors this while leaving the good guys and gals to enjoy ours hobbies! Another words let’s knot throw the baby out with bath water!
    To my friends,

  10. A.W.
    Oh , my, my, my!!!!!

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