1. Great job Tim, THANK YOU

  2. Interesting! It’s odd that “how far away can it be detected” is not something the FAA seems to have stipulated. I’d have expected something akin to RFID, where the broadcast is done in response to a stimulus.

  3. Thanks for the info, but the most compelling questions are about personal liability. Saying that compliance is a “personal decision” can mislead flyers and imply that this is about discretionary judgment only. The real questions are around personal injury, property damage, and reckless endangerment when flying without remote ID in a non-FRIA location, and whether AMA insurance (and any personal coverage like an umbrella policy) will cover you. Personal liability can come from both the FAA and Civil legal actions. Taking the position of “wait and see” what happens with enforcement is risky. AMA also needs to clarify whether insurance will cover you when flying with remote ID in a non-FRIA location. Something needs to be published concerning potential liability, so the modeling community can make an informed decision.

  4. Great job. Thanks for explaining this so clearly !

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