Remote ID Update – Spektrum SkyID

Remote ID Update – Spektrum SkyID
Tim McKay is back with another Remote ID update (every RC pilot’s favorite hot topic) and the newly announced Spektrum SkyID module. This module is still under development, but is planned to be out by Sept 16th, 2023 at a cost of under $100. Get the latest news from Tim!
Updated: August 7, 2023 — 1:43 PM


  1. I’ve been building a number of electric power types (scale, sport, fan jet, aerobatic) working on seeing what can be done under 8.8 ounces and the answer is not much or quite a bit depending on your point of view. My latest efforts are in scale, a Focke Wulf, Mustang, Sea Fury, all under 25″ in wing span and weighing in right about at the limit. I did a little cobra fan jet with a 30 mm fan. I also did a little powered glider and some bigger stuff that won’t make it. More than half the planes I have will not be legal to fly after September. Lumping RC Planes in with drones was a big mistake and it will cost this country in engineers and scientists, I know it was what got me interested in engineering. As a minimum the parkflyer should be exempt. I would recomment raising the weight limit to at least a half kilo or twice what the law would allow as written.

  2. What happens if we just ignor this stupid requirement?

    1. If you get caught the FAA will probably try to educate you first, and assume you know too little to comply. Or, they can fine you right away. First there has to be a complaint from a person, then the local police come and investigate, then your info is relayed to the FAA and they decide your fate; fine, jail time, or both.

      There are people who drive without a drivers license for years and don’t get caught and then there’s those who do. Same with flying more than 250 grams after September 16.

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