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Renault’s new concept car comes with a quad!

Renault’s new concept car comes with a quad!

Just unveiled at the Dehli Auto Show, the Renault Kwid’s “Flying Companion” is stored in the car’s roof and will allow drivers to avoid traffic jams, find parking spots, and use GPS to scout locations. A built-in screen in the dash allows the driver or passenger to control it and see live video. We just want to know when we can get one!

Updated: August 10, 2015 — 10:12 AM
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  1. Oh this is most interesting, of course this could be done with any car today, Let me think LOL

  2. I see this crazy idea the same as Amazon’s drone delivery system. No real reason for it, just some engineer’s dream. Drones are cool but I think they are being envisioned in needless situations such as this.

  3. The first car to come with a drone was the Mach 5. Just ask Speed Racer.

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