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Reversing the motor, does it make a difference?

Reversing the motor, does it make a difference?

There are two ways to reverse the rotation of our electric motors; you can just switch any two of the three wires leading to the motor, or you can reverse it on the ESC programing.  But is one way better than the other? We asked Lee Estingoy from Castle Creations this very question.

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Updated: July 15, 2015 — 5:04 PM
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  1. Big difference, cold solder joints are the main reason why pilots and drivers lose high output of power on your throttle controls, because the electronic components are not soldered properly. So remember to solder your connections right the first time.

  2. How funny would that be if somebody saw their controller from a warranty job getting ridiculed… Oh well, still useful as a BAD example 🙂

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