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Review: Savöx Brushless Motors

Review: Savöx Brushless Motors

Savöx is well-known to modelers, particularly in the helicopter world, for their powerful digital servos.  What you may not know is that they also market a line of brushless motors for electric helis.  These motors span all popular classes from 450 to 700 size, and their quality of construction is excellent. 

 The 450, 500 and 700 class motors are typical of the line.  All feature angled cooling ports and internal fans to pull air through the windings so that they’ll hang in there on the hottest day.  All have sealed bearings for maintenance-free operation and multiple options for Kv.  What’s notable about the Savöx designs is the massive gauge copper used for the field windings.  Heavier wire makes the stators more difficult (and expensive) to wind, but it also maximizes power capacity while making the leads very tough. 

 The 450-size BSM2940 (Savöx motors follow the now-popular convention of naming motors for their diameter and length in millimeters) is a 10-pole design with 3500Kv.  The motor is rated for 51 amps continuous, enough for the most demanding stick-banger.  The no-load current (Io) is 2.7A, and the armature resistance (Rm) is 19mΩ.  Street price is $74.99. 

 The 500-class BSM3750 ($124.99) is available in 1200 and 1300Kv versions, making this 10-pole design ideal for 6-cell 500 machines. Io is 5.5A and Rm is 12mΩ.  The motor is rated for up to 90 amps continuous, which would empty a 500-size lipo pack in just 2 minutes.  Point is, it can take anything you’re likely to throw at it. 

 The 700-class BSM5065 ($259.99) is available in 450, 500 and 530Kv versions.  This 10-pole motor has massive 2.0mm² wire (about 14 gauge) for the field windings.  The 6mm output shaft is 46mm long for use in helis with bearing-supported output shafts.  Io is 4.1A and Rm is 18mΩ.  For more information, visit savoxusa.com. 

Review: Savöx Brushless Motors






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