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Revolution Design Ultra Flat Head Carburetor Wrench

Revolution Design Ultra Flat Head Carburetor Wrench

The new Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Flat Head Carburetor Wrench is a dedicated flat head screwdriver to adjust and monitor the carb needle settings on nitro and gasoline engines. Offering a hardened spring steel 4×0.8mm tool tip the wrench is ideal to adjust the carburetor’s mixture needles while a gauge incorporated in the tool blade helps to monitor the adjustments made. Simply hold the gauge in place with the fingertips and rotate the screw driver into the desired direction to richen or lean out the carb setting – the red anodized indicator will clearly display the changes made. Part of the tool handle is also a rubber plug that helps to securely stop the engine by pressing the wrench against the flywheel. As usual the tool is constructed from high quality 7075-T6 aluminum while the blade is made from high quality spring steel. Laser-etched logos round out that signature Revolution Design look.


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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:10 AM

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