Road to Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt–Update!

Road to Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt–Update!

Update: Well, the post flight report reads that P.J. Ash’s new scale plane was balanced perfectly and the Desert Aircraft DA 85 engine is more than enough power for Messerschmitt. P.J Reports:

Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt

“I’m testing the new Bold 26×10 prop from FTE and its working very well.  The first flight had a few things come loose such as the engine!!  But some Thread Locker  and a second set of bolts fixed that problem.  Overall, I’m very happy with the performance of the BF-109, but just as aircraft are known for, you have to stay on the power during landing.  I bring the plane in on about 1/3rd power until it is about a foot off the ground. I then cut the power for touchdown.  The rudder is much more effective than I thought it would be.  At this point, the plane is packed and ready for Top Gun!”

Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt


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Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt

Famous for his Warbird Alley “Lounge and BBQ” under the  tents on the Top Gun Flightline, P.J. Ash is well on his way to completing his new Meister Platinum 109 kit. He has selected to reproduce a representation the first Messerschmitt BF-109G flown by German WW2 Ace of Aces, Eric Hartmann .

Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt

The plane has a fiberglass fuselage and this is the first Meister Scale kit to be produced with an all-wood built-up wing, (the original design was a PCM kit that used foam wing cores.)  The Bf-109G has a 100 inch span and is 91 inches long. It is powered by a Desert Aircraft DA 85cc engine, and the retracts are from Sierra Giant. P.J. is using a JR 12X 2.4GHz radio system and the model has been under construction for about 8 months, all glue is from ZAP.

Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt

The wings are covered with fiberglass cloth and ZAP resin.  This has an functional cockpit canopy, flaps, Nav lights.  The control surfaces are covered with fabric and have stitched ribs.  The paint is all from Tamiya.

Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt

P.J. comments that he was having a hard time finding a good paint scheme and Frank Tiano not only gave him a great scale pilot, but also sent him a ton of documentation for the plane. He was going to do the same one a long time ago and never got around to it. Many people do his plane, but not his first one. He went through several 109s during WWII.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 10:34 AM


  1. Sweet plane, having Dino and Meister Scale doing these kits is great, glad the PCM line is continuing. 8 mths to build? Would take me years….

  2. This airplane looks real good, but I do have a question when it comes to scale, why is it that so many people leave a two blade propeller instead of fitting a scale propeller for static, and also with the engine sticking out under, that is not scale so am I missing something here?

    1. Roger, with the size of the engines we scale guys are using we have no choice but let engines stick out of the cowling,besides the real engines were water cooled.

  3. Roger, I think the idea is “Sport Scale”. I agree with you that saying “scale” and having the wrong prop and a motor sticking out the bottom of the cowling is counter-intuitive. But the level of effort to create such a beautiful model has to be applauded!

  4. Oh that is sweet,i also have done Eric’s plane,but his later version.Beautiful job,glad to see Tamayia is making Paint again for the American Market. Paul

  5. I wonder if Dino could work some kind of arrangement with Pat to bring the PCM 1/5 Do 335 on line?
    There are a lot of people that would be interested in this. Currently there’s a wings on the web design, and also ESM arf. These are much smaller, 80 plus inches and not as scale as Pat’s design.

    Is there anyone out there that would work up my scale plans into building drawings for a flying 1/5 Do 335?

    John Z.

  6. And yes, it is a nice design and well executed. It is one of the most scale models of any size of the Me 109. Flite skins is also good but smaller, 80 inches I believe.

    I too used to wonder why the engine stuck out and why the prop isn’t scale. After you build a warbird you will know.
    John Z.

  7. Roger, the issue is that since air the molecules are still the same size wether the plane is full scale or a model, the models are stuck using more efficient two or three bladed props, a scale four or five blade prop would be very inefficient, wasting a lot of the engines power. It also has to do with the RPM bands where our two or four stroke engines produce their highest power. Scale size props would load the engines down too much, out of their higher RPM sweet spots. We can use gear drives to run larger props, but they cost more and are more complex, another item to break and they also add weight. For static judging he will have a multi bladed prop fitted, but that’s not shown here. The spinner size, shape and color must be the same.

    As for engines being exposed, often they require cooling air that’s tough to get to cowled in engines, or a planes design, usually those with inline liquid cooled engines, leaves little room for our out of scale model engines. Scale rules allow for non scale engine and mufflers being exterior to the plane.

  8. I am totally enthralled…this would be my dream come true! I’m green with envy! And, Roger; “chill out”…this model is superb! Just enjoy someone’s dedication to our hobby.

  9. Hey guys. Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I hope to do the maiden flight as soon as the weather breaks. If you make it to Top Gun, please stop by and say hi. Would love to meet you all.



  11. I used the paint scheme with a black star burst nose that was on Eric Hartman’s book, “The Blond Knight of Germany”. I found some good documentation for it at the Dayton, Ohio Air Force Museum.

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