Road to Top Gun — James Prive — 1946 Stinson SR9-F Reliant

Road to Top Gun — James Prive — 1946 Stinson SR9-F Reliant

Being entered into expert class at Top Gun this year is the beautiful Stinson Reliant by James Prive. Based on the popular Top flight kit, the model has a 100.5
inch wingspan and is just under 1/4 scale.  James made several modifications and this is his second year at the Scale Invitational. Power is produced by a DLE 30cc gas engine, and the model has a fully detailed cockpit with hand carved steering wheels. James uses a Futaba 8FG transmitter.

Other features include, leather door panels and rear seat. When the doors are opened the model plays a 30-second audio clip of “Fly Me to
the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. James also added additional wing ribs for a better scale outline and a TME smoke system. The scale dummy Pratt and Whitney R985 radial engine is a resin cast piece from FTE (

James Prive

The model is covered with scraps of Stits covering from the full-scale aircraft as well as some Worldtex fabric
painted with a combination of Randolf dope and Rustolium enamel spray paint. Scale rib tapes have also been applied using the product from (

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  1. Correction on the engine because I messed up when the entry was sent in. It is actually a dle 30 with a tme smoke system.

  2. This will be my 4th year .my first in the expert class .I want to thank my fiancé and daughter for putting up with my r.c. endeavors. Love you both!

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