Road to Top Gun — Jeff Foley’s Bf-109E

Road to Top Gun — Jeff Foley’s Bf-109E

The Luftwaffe will be well represented with Jeff Foley flying his very impressive and well tried Bf-109E German WW2 fighter. Jeff’s “Emil” has an 86 inch span, and is completely scratch built from Jeff’s own molds.

Jeff Foley's incredible BF-109E earned 2nd in the Masters class.

The classic warbird  is 1/4.5 in scale and weighs 27 pounds. It uses a modified Dave Platt landing gear, and is finished with West Systems Epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth and is painted with 2-part epoxy paint. Jeff use a JR 12X for radio gear.

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This is the second model built from Jeff’s 15 year old molded design.  This particular model has finished 2nd and 3rd in the Masters class, including and award for high static in that class.  The first model built from this design won two Mr. Top Gun titles, five Master Class wins and one Pro Am win.  Also five AMA Nationals wins in Designer Class and several top five slots at the Scale Master Championships.

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The fuselage is molded fiberglass using parts from a pattern and mold that Jef fabricated.  The wing is hot wire cut foam cores with a built up center section.  Many hours were spent on the aerodynamic qualities to produce a model with scale appearance, but pattern like flying qualities.

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The design is somewhat dated now, or at least the size is!  Jeff had to bring it out of retirement this year due to lack of modeling time to complete his new larger Luftwaffe  bird, but hopefully next year it will be ready.

Photos by Jeff Foley and Carl Layden

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  1. this is a very nice plane jeff foley!!!! the BF-109 is my personal favorite

  2. Thanks Issac….It’s one of my favorites too!

  3. jeff I knew u said that there was a kit in the works some time back have you made any progress in putting out a kit yet? thanks and I really like the plane I remember the one that you entered in the top gun 2001 I think was the year.thanks jeff

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