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Road to Top Gun — Long Island Corsair

Road to Top Gun — Long Island Corsair

Making the trip down to Top Gun again from Long Island, Lou Cetrangelo of Saint James, NY, has decided to bring a new aircraft this year in the form of a Ziroli-designed FG-1D Corsair, which he will be flying in the Pro-Am Sportsman category. Lou loves cool engines, so a new DLA 4-cylinder engine is bolted to the firewall. It is a bit overpowered at 128cc, but it looks and sounds great turning a 26×14 3-blade carbon-fiber prop. With its optional slanted plug configuration, it fits nicely in the stock cowl with 1/4 inch of clearance on both sides in the cowl. It comes with two ignition modules and two exhaust stacks.


The Ziroli fiberglass fuselage comes with a separate tail section that is attached later on in the construction, and it made working on the Corsair a bit easier. Lou cut slots in the elevator and stabilizer for scale hinging and used a length of music wire with an internal control horn for control. He also fabricated two elevator horns from G10 fiberglass material attached to an aluminum rod for internal control. Though a wing kit is available, Lou cut out all the parts himself with a band saw and scroll saw.


The tail gear is from Sierra Giant Scale, and Lou’s Spektrum DX18 built-in sequencer feature will be used to operate the landing gear and gear doors. He installed a separate air valve for each gear and door as well as for a functional sliding canopy. For increased scale detailing, Lou made up framework parts for the inside of the landing-gear doors using 3D printing from shapeways.com. Klass Kote epoxy paint and clearcoat was used for the finish, and the total weight of the Corsair is 40.5 pounds.

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Updated: April 13, 2016 — 12:23 PM
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  1. Nice plane. Should sound just GREAT !!!

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