Road to Top Gun — Richard Feroldi — Ansaldo SVA-5

Road to Top Gun — Richard Feroldi — Ansaldo SVA-5

Our good friend and regular Top Gun and Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome attendee, Rich Feroldi is again heading to the Tog Gun event with his beautiful WW1 Italian 1/3-scale Ansaldo SVA-5. With a wingspan of 119 inches and a length of 106 inches, the 50 pound scratch built model is powered with a Quadra 100cc gas engine turning a Xoar 28×10 propeller.

Feroldi Ansaldo 2623

Outfitted with the Futaba 9FG radio system, the impressive looking seldom modeled aircraft is outfitted as a bomber and reconnaissance plane. Originally intended as a fighter airplane with a 140mph airspeed, it was demoted to dropping surrender leaflets on Vienna, which also just happens to be one of the scale functions Rich incorporated into his impressive model.


Rich has flown several times at Top Gun and is a regular at Rhinebeck making the trip every year to NY state from his home in Florida.

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  1. absolutely fantastic model of one of my favorite WWI planes. A superb job sir!

  2. Thank you for your very kind comments

    1. Hey Rich. All well deserved! Looking forward to seeing you in September at Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

  3. Hi Rich
    Big fan of yours, Been following you over the Years thru SKS Videos.
    I also enjoy building WW1 R/C aircraft. Unfortunately SKS videos doesn’t cover R/C events and You Tube is know where near as great as SKS. Keep up your great work.

    David Shepherd
    Northern California
    US Army/ US Coast Guard (ret.)

  4. Sorry Rich forgot to mention my favorite plane of yours is the Airco DH-2,
    I’m building a 1/3 scale version myself. Do you still have yours?

  5. SVA-5 SHOWN HERE IS WORK OF ART / MASTERPIECE. I had to re-read this article. I never finished my SVA-5 Sterling balsa kit as a kid in the 60s – it touted Propaganda leaflet dropping as a feature (I recall Sterling Brand kits had somewhat gimmicky (?) features – like Fokker Monoplanes firing rockets.) I love this somewhat unique aircraft with the Hispano-Suiza (?) motor. I never realized until years later the unique tapered fuselage bottom design. I think this plane was fast – albeit, not really robust for perilous combat duty, like a SPAD aircraft?

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