Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee — Grumman Hellcat

Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee — Grumman Hellcat

Shaun Roblee of Huntington Beach California, will be traveling to Top Gun this year with his impressive Grumman Hellcat. Using a fiberglass fuselage and built up wing and tail featuers, Shaun says he chose the Ziroli Hellcat because he just loves the way they fly. As for a full scale project, I wanted to do the big cat as it was kind of the unsung hero at the end of the war.

Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee -- Grumman Hellcat

The big Grumman Hellcat has a 96.5-inch wingspan  and is controlled by Shaun’s 12-channel Spectrum DX 18 transmitter and radio system.  For power, Shaun bolded in a BME 110cc twin-cylinder gas engine and chose Sierra giant retracts. Working hard throughout the winter months, The Hellcat is now ready for flight testing and tweaking. We look forward to seeing Shaun’s Hellcat on the tarmac at Paradise Field!


Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee -- Grumman Hellcat

Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee -- Grumman Hellcat


Updated: April 10, 2015 — 12:37 PM


  1. All that excellent scale work.. And a wooden 2 bladed prop.. Huh?

  2. I am a newbie RC pilot and chose the Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat foamie as my 3rd rc bird and it flies great! I am also quite experienced with combat flying the Hellcat in the 2nd edition Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 Pacific Theater. IN a few months of trial and error as well as studious training…I went from a nugget Ensign to Squadron Leader Navy Commander with 53 kills, flying the historical carrier campaign of ’42 – ’45. Very tough missions and they make you start out in a F3F Wildcat! In mid ’43 they give you a Corsair and finally give you a choice of that or a Hellcat. You can also fly a P38 if you prefer for the AAF. I have a vintage Guillows “Giant Scale” F6F Hellcat kit I plan to build as a great static display soon. Your Hellcat looks awesome…and BTW…you can fly any damn prop you want too! I tire quickly of fools that have only elite critique but never a compliment! Tally Ho! bro…

  3. Unless Shaun Roblee is going to be adding an appropriate Prop “Bullet” spinner and black 3-blade prop, this model not complete nor “scale accurate”. All that beautiful work only to leave the most noticeable flaw. Kinda’ like building a car and leaving off the grill and using wagon wheels.Model’s grade B-

  4. Very Nice Hellcat.


  5. Really? We focusing on the guy’s flying prop? The airplane is beautiful, focus on that, dummies! I have a D W Hellcat, 100plus wingspan, flies like a trainer, he should have a lot of fun. Kuddos for taking on the project and competing with it! Good luck at ‘Top Gun’!

  6. Well how did the hellcat do at top gun I’m about to start mine and I am useing also a fiberglass fuse please update

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