Top Gun contender: awesome twin turbine A-10

Top Gun contender: awesome twin turbine A-10

 twin turbine A-10

From Orlando, FL., Greg Foushi is the current 2011 Top Gun “Sportsman” Champion and for 2012 Top Gun he will be competing in the Pro-Am Pro division.

A10 Greg Foushi

His new Skymaster A-10 Warthog / Thunderbolt II  weighs 55 pounds and has a 110-inch wing span. It is powered by twin JetCat P-80 turbines (with kersosene starts), putting out 22 pounds of thrust each.  The A-10 has a scale fully detailed cockpit, a working light system, functional canopy, bomb dropping capabilities and functional decelerons.  Its radio system is powered bya Duralite Spectrum Royal Power Box and 4 Li-Mn battery packs. These pictures are from Monster Planes 2011 where the A-10 won “Best Twin Engine Aircraft.” Greg Says he’s looking forward to flying in Top Gun 2012 with this awesome jet.

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  1. Great to see that the 23 TFW, England AFB lives on in the RC world!

    1. My thoughts as well; although they were still flying A-7s when I was with them.

  2. Very nice! The nose looks like my P40-C :o)
    Where is the vid’s?

  3. Any movies of it flying anywhere?

  4. Beautiful ship I love it , Have many years of fun and luck with it. Maybe i will get one some day

  5. (hit enter too soon…)

    Beautiful airplane though….
    A friend is building one now with a single turbine in the center of the fuse. His will be just over 100″. He made the plans come out so the fuse would be 8′ and fit in his truck bed.

  6. Perfect plane… Very, very nice!!!

  7. What the guns dont work ?? 😀 awesome model, and modelling skills

  8. There was a novel about the A-10s in combat and it had great nose art (wort hog style) that was used for the squadron in the bood. I think that it would look AWSOM on this plane. Good Luck

  9. PS does anyone remeber that book? I would like to read it again and use the nose art on a model.

  10. That plane of yours is quite a piece of work.
    Realy nice and authintic. Would love to see it fly!
    My father, who passed in 08, was in to the 25-45 nitro plane thing. Also, designed/built his version of a Canard,(front elevator with reversed wing in rear) and airtronics radio equip.
    He was in the Lucern Park Fliers Club.(Winter Haven FL)
    I am in Lakeland FL.
    Take care and;
    Good luck in the “Top Gun” Comp.
    Stevie C

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