Road to Top Gun Update –Mike Gross Sr. Sopwith Camel

Road to Top Gun Update –Mike Gross Sr. Sopwith Camel

MG Warbird

One of the nicest Warbird guys you’ll ever meet Mike Gross Sr., is going to be competing with his beautiful Sopwith Camel which he built from Mick Reeves plans. A member of the Long Island Skyhawks club he’ll be entered in the Expert class. Mike started building his project in October, 2010 and the WW1 fighter was test flown exactly one year later in 2011.

Warbird Cockpit  MG wicker seat

Mike says: “He enjoyed all 1,500 hours he put into the build! The Camel weighs 42lbs. ready to fly and is powered by a DLE 111cc twin-cylinder gas engine turning a Xoar 29×8 propeller. It is controlled by a JR 12X radio with JR 8611 and 8711 servos. The radio operates the scale control yoke (stick) and rudder bar which move the flight surfaces. The Camel is covered with Solartex and all color and markings are painted with KlassKote epoxy paint.Mike used “MinWax” stain and rub on polyurethane as well as many acrylic paint colors for the impressive finishing, weathering and aging.

MG camel throttle mixture asm 007  MG camel_field_008

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 12:50 PM

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  1. Wow! Was fortunate to see Top Gun here in the Palm Beaches & was amazed @ the level of craftmanship. Mr. Gross’s Sopwith is abolutetly amazing. Please keep these On The Road series going. It feels like we get to meet the pilots a get to know them. Nice work!

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