Road to Top Gun Update: P.J. Ash’s Martin Baker MB.5

Road to Top Gun Update: P.J. Ash’s Martin Baker MB.5

 Ash's Martin Baker MB.5

From Lexington, KY, P.J. Ash is entering a rather different plane this year.  It is called a Martin Baker MB.5 and it was the last aircraft the Martin Baker Company produced before building and introducing the ejection seat. P.J. built his impressive aircraft using from scale 3-views.  It spans 97 inches and the fuselage length is 102 inches.

Martin Baker MB.5 Wing  Martin Baker MB.5 Side

Martin Baker MB.5 Side  Martin Baker MB.5 Cockpit

 Ash's Martin Baker MB.5

It has a ZDZ 80 gas engine for power and is guided by JR Radio.  It’s a traditional all-wood construction with fiberglass cloth and resin covering.

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 12:34 PM


  1. The MB.5 sort of looks like the love-child of a Spitfire IX and a P-51 D Mustang. Quite a neat subject for scale modelers. Here’s a challenge for you: can you make a working contra-rotating 5-bladed prop system for it?

  2. THanks for your comments Phil! Yes it does look like a Spitang or a Mustfire! indeed… Check out the newest Road to Top Gun update. Our good friend Dave Wigley will again be flying his Westland Wyvern with is impressive free wheeling 3-blade double counter rotating prop set up! Would be amazing with 5 x 2 10 blades!

  3. PJ did a really nice job on an unusual subject

  4. Hi All I know this is an old post but does anyone have a way of contacting PJ in reference to this aircraft would love more info on it.

  5. I am the lucky owner of this aircraft now. Be glad to answer any questions I can.

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