Road to Top Gun — Walt Carnes — Hawker Sea Fury

Road to Top Gun — Walt Carnes — Hawker Sea Fury

Walt Carnes builder of this impressive Hawker Sea Fury, will be attending Top Gun 2015 and will again compete in Team Scale with Greg Foushi as his pilot. Currently Walt is adding Navigation and Landing Lights to his Sea Fury. Sawbones is modeled after a full scale Sea Fury and it is 22.5% scale in size.

Road to Top Gun -- Walt Carnes -- Hawker Sea Fury

7 Greg Foushi, Sawbones Pilot at Top Gun 2014

Walt purchased his Hawker Sea Fury Kit and a Moki S250 gas radial engine for it from Vogelsang Aeroscale.

Photos by David Hart

2 Sawbones Close-op - Top Gun RC Airplane Competition


Scale:     1:4.5

Wingspan:  102.3 inches

Length:    92.5 inches

Weight:   44+ pounds

Engine:    250cc Gas radial

Top Gun RC Airplane Competition


29 x 16 Scale 4 Blade Seidel Propeller

DX18QQ Quique Somenzini Special Limited Edition Transmitter by Spectrum

AR12120 12-Channel DSMX X-Plus 8 Power Safe Receiver by Spektrum

3-JR-G370A Aircraft Rate Gyros, 2-Ailerons & 1 Rudder

2-JRPB5013 Battery Pack 4500 mAH for AR12120 Receiver

2-JRPB5008 Battery Pack 2700 mAH, 1 Engine & 1 X-Plus 8 Receiver

2-JRPA004 Charge Switches, 1 Engine & 1 X-Plus 8 Receiver

Wing fuel tanks, smoke generators, pitot tube, navigation ,tail & landing lights

Dan Gill-Detail 4 Scale

1-Firgelli FR-L1-!00-210-6-1 Linear Motion Actuator to open & close the Canopy

Sawbones Exhaust - Top Gun RC Airplane Competition





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  1. Gerry Yarrish’s enthusiasm for modeling is one thing, but he also shares his passion with everyone he comes in contact with dignity & respect regardless of the modeler’s expertise or background. Great guy to have as a friend as well.
    Gary Brounstein

  2. very very nice love it alan griffiths australiagriffo03@

  3. Good Luck Walt and Greg!! Nice T-Shirts to compliment the plane. Do well in 2015! Hope to see you in Reno!

  4. Best of luck at Top Gun Walt, take home a trophy from Frank
    Wayne Siewert

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