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Update! — Bret Becker XB-70 Valkyrie Bomber — Wins at Toledo Show

Update! — Bret Becker XB-70 Valkyrie Bomber — Wins at Toledo Show

This past weekend Bret Becker won the First Place Jet Award at the Toledo RC Model Expo at the Seagate Convention Center! Congratulations Bret for your amazing XB-70!

From Dayton, OH, Bret Becker will again be back to compete at Top Gun in 2018. Bret will be competing in the Pro-Am Sport Class with the unusual but very impressive XB-70 Valkyrie.  Last year, Bret’s first time at the scale invitational, was simply to complete the required flight rounds and come home with the XB-70 intact. The five- to six-minute scale routine really pushed the endurance of his 25 lb., Electric Ducted Fan powered bomber. To keep the flights as short as possible, the optional Touch and Go maneuver was used because this one pass counts as two maneuvers. It sounded good on paper, but the strong crosswind conditions made it very risky.   Fortunately, the XB-70 survived, successfully completed the flight rounds, and Bret was honored with a Special Recognition Award.

Bret’s goal this year is to improve his flight scores and finish in the top half of the field.  Over the past year his XB-70 has received several upgrades including larger Li-Po packs for increased endurance, a scale Drogue Chute to help realism flight scores, and relocating the landing gear to the correct scale locations for improved ground handling.

Landing photo and opener by Barry Vaught.

Built with balsa and ply construction, the Valkyrie has a painted fiberglass finish, and is powered with four Schubeler HDS-30, (70mm), EDF units with 1540-9 Tenshock motors. Bret’s XB-70 is 8 ft. long, has a 56 in. wingspan and weighs 25 lbs.

Bret has been real busy this past year with several scale upgrades for his XB-70. Here are some of the detailed photos we stole from Bret’s Facebook page. It surely looks like the Valkyrie will be even more impressive, with newly painted and detailed exhaust section and the landing gear upgrades.

3D printer exhaust nozzles from Chris Wolfe! Nice

We look forward to seeing Bret’s supersonic jet bomber up close on the flightline.

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  1. I was at the Toledo Expo this year all Friday and Saturday to closing but did not see this plane. How could I have missed it? Can you tell me when or where it was displayed?

  2. Something strange with photo or text of Bret holding EDF unit. Either Bret’s hand is very small or that EDF unit is more like a 120mm EDF.

  3. Nice jet, but curious why only 4 nozzles?

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