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Road to Top Gun — Gabriel Pellegrini’s F-100 Super Sabre

Road to Top Gun — Gabriel Pellegrini’s F-100 Super Sabre

Again competing at at Top Gun this year, Gabriel Pellegrini from Brazil, will be flying his well proven and beautifully executed F-100 Super Sabre. The turbine jet is from Bob Violet Models and is 1/6.75 scale. It has a K-210 turbine engine and a dry weight is 42lbs. It uses 21 servos/electronic valves and Gabriel uses 16 channels plus a matchbox to control all the radio gear. The F-100  has a working canopy, drogue chute, working slats and a simulated afterburner. His radio is a Futaba 18mz and he has JR servos all around. The jet was built by Patrick Frost in US and he bought it before its maiden flight. He first flew it at  Top Gun in 2015 and also competed in 2016.

DSC_3571 copyc IMG_3688 DSC_9436 DSC_9433


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  1. Team Brazil !

  2. Gabriel,
    Great looking plane, looking forward to seeing you again this year.
    Good luck,

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