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Road to Top Gun: Gérson Nissola’s Turboprop Tucano

Road to Top Gun: Gérson Nissola’s Turboprop Tucano

_GGG8058Coming in again from Brazil, Gérson L. Nissola will be flying his impressive Turboprop Tucano for his second time in the Pro AM Sport category. Built from a CARF-Model kit Gérson is using a JR 12X radio system and made more than 80 modifications to the model to improve its scale looks and detailing. The ¼-scale model has a span of 89 inches and is powered by a Jet Central KS turboprop turbine engine spinning a 24×14 3-blade propeller.


Gérson model is painted in the colors of an aircraft used by Brazilian Air Force (Smoke Squadron), to train pilots for interception and for light attack missions.


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  1. Looks great, I like the Brazilian Air Force color scheme. Can we see a video of this Tucano turbo-prop engine, starting up, and flying ?.

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