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Giant-scale, easy-build gas trainer

Giant-scale, easy-build gas trainer

With the increasing popularity of gas engines, wouldn’t it be great to have an ARF gas trainer that clubs could use to get more people into the sport? Aeroworks has answered the call with their new GT 20 gas trainer, which comes plumbed and ready for a DLE 20cc engine. In this video interview, Gerry Yarrish gets the inside scoop from Aeroworks proprietor Rocco Mariani.

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Updated: August 11, 2015 — 9:59 AM
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  1. How much is it???

    1. Rocco did not yet set a price for this at the time of the video, but am sure he’ll be happy to hear folks are interested! Stay tuned to the http://www.aero-works.net site for pricing information.

    2. I contacted Aero-works this morning and they replied that “the GT 20 is still in the R&D stage and will not be available for several months, how disappointing.

  2. What is the wingspan?

    1. Believe it’s 88 inches. Rocco says the wingspan in the video (it’s definitely over 80 inches).

  3. Can they make the engine for the 20cc Zenoah instead of the DLE?

  4. Why waste your time reveiwing something that’s not going to be available for several months. In this hobby news worthy products are release everyday.

  5. To bad they can’t set one up for a 20cc Zenoah. Why not have several engine opts?

    1. Just modify it to take the other engine. That’s the problem with all the ARF planes om the market, no one knows how to build anymore!

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