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Scale RC Me-163 Komet

Scale RC Me-163 Komet

When it comes to blasting off from the runway, nothing beats a rocket powered warbird. Fireworks and firepower all in one package, what a great combination! Anyway, one of our favorite RC WW 2 warbirds is the rocket-powered flying wing the Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet!

(Above) plans available from the MAN library at the AirAgeStore.com website.

What do you guys think of these rocket planes? Having a glow engine in the nose and using a rocket motor in the tail for takeoff is really exciting! Watch for an upcoming post of an electric powered Komet, getting converted to turbine power! Now we’re talking!

(Above and Below) Kevin Shaw at the LI Skyhawks Fun Fly with is 80 inch Komet!

Light the fire and drop the tires!

The warbird guys from the Long Island Skyhawks club have been flying them for years without incident! What do you think? Is there a Komet in your future?

Digital Downloads 600x120


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  1. The ME-163 is one of the coolest aircraft of WWII. This bird was so specialized it is hard to imagine they actually got it into production and then into combat. I saw one at Warbirds Over Texas 2013 where they had a large rocket motor installed (no glow engine) and propped on a sort of easel at 60 degrees UP! Lit the fuse and BANG, took off so fast it was hard to believe. Rocket blast only lasted a brief few moments but by then it had enough energy to make a number of passes before landing.

    I’d love to have one as a wall hanger if nothing else.

  2. I have “Stuka Jon” Nizelski’s 1/3 with Moki out front. Many successful and captivating flights by him and his Grandson “Bosco”. It is for sale by the way.

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