V-22 Osprey Build Update


Before starting the build, let’s take a look at the kit contents and talk about the hardware needed to complete the aircraft.

The basic kit comes securely packed in a single compact carton.  Inside, the components and sub-assemblies are packed in smaller cartons, making shipping damage very unlikely.  The basic kit includes a profile airframe for training and flight-testing; this isn’t like flying a regular heli, and providing this training airframe is a nice touch.

The optional scale body is all hollow-molded fiberglass and is pre-painted with decals pre-applied.  Final assembly is a quick and easy.

While the body fits in the ARF class, the mechanics are a kit, with all parts sorted into small ziploc bags and then grouped into larger bags numbered for the various assembly steps.  These pre-sorted and numbered bags are a big help during assembly.





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