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RTL Fasteners — Hardware at your fingertips

RTL Fasteners — Hardware at your fingertips

Are you ready to get organized?

If you are serious about modeling you know you need hardware and small fasteners (Screws, Nuts, Washer, Bolts, etc.,) to properly build your RC models. But going to the local hardware store or hobby shop can get a little expensive when buying specialty hardware. RTL is a great source for hard to find small fasteners at very fair prices. All the hardware is top quality and usable for a whole range of model building, home repair and just about anything for that matter.


The newest offering from RTL Fasteners is their “Master Builder Assortment #5000” and it has it all. It was designed by experienced modelers, so you have just the right mix of hardware for popular building projects. I do a lot of work in my modeling workshop and being an RC designer and builder, I fell like its having my own hobby shop display at my fingertips day and night!

The package includes four organizer boxes and features an assortment of #0, #2, #4, #6 & #8 size fasteners. And my favorite accessory is the Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. It’s great!


(Above right) Note that the brass Miniature Wood Screws shown above are from Assortment 6750. Not part of the  #5000 Assortment.

So if you are looking to start getting organized in your workshop and want the best hardware at a reasonable price give RTL Fasteners a shout. I highly recommend it. 1-800-239-6010

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:37 PM

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