Russian Front-Line Fighter

Russian Front-Line Fighter

It’s hard to beat the throaty growl of a Moki 250cc engine in a classic warbird! This great-looking Lavochkin LA-7 is piloted by Mick Burrell and was videotaped by our friends Dean and Pete Coxon at the Rougham Model Aircraft Show in the United Kingdom. We think the model looks to be 1/3.5 scale, and it’s a beauty!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous model! Is it based on plans or completely scratch designed and built?

  2. I have been a long term modeler (47 years) and a scale builder of several WWII era planes. This man did a museum quality job on building a finish for this plane.. The paint looks fantastic and almost has a brushed metal look to it.. the slight color differences across the panels and the color choices for markings is amazing.. Congrats on the maiden and a beautiful bird. !

  3. Beautiful airplane, but disappointing video…….just about all you can hear is the howl of the wind….I’d rather hear the howl of the Moki………..there is such a thing as microphone filters to help stop the wind noise.

    1. Are you freaking seriou?????
      Get a life…

  4. One of the nicest scale airplanes I have seen of late. Great job, nice workmanship.

  5. Thank’s for sharing
    Very nice plane indeed.
    Could be me but I think you can use a little bit more nose weight.
    In the turnes the tail seems to drag through and also when you throttle back.
    Hope this helps.
    All in All very good job and I hope to see more of your plane.

  6. This one fantastic plane. The realism is right on. The sound and the way it flies is out of sight. Great job well done.

  7. Wonderful scale model, real nice sound from engine.
    Wind sound to much, should have been filtered out.

  8. Una escala como debe de ser tanto en la construcción como en la piloteada , muy vistosa

  9. I don’t know yet if Adobe Premier is able to make a channel for the wind sound which can then be eliminated. I have the current Adobe Creative Cloud. I really love the realism on this plane. I don’t see too many Russian warbirds, and this is a great example.

  10. I do know there are top-of-the-line recording equipment with computers that can do this, but I don’t know if there are any affordable enough for the general public to get their hands on. Here is a great example of what I’m talking about – from my favorite rock band Chicago. Other bands have something similar, but leave it to Chicago to be an innovator of this new technology.

  11. Sorry everybody! I posted the wrong link for Chicago’s Rig. Here is the correct one:

  12. Hey Guys ! not only do I fly , but I also am a bluegrass banjo player . WIND noise has always been a problem . There is an item called a ” DEAD CAT ” all it is , is a soft rubber filter boot that will slip over the mic ( these come in many sizes ) give it a try next time you want to record . This little filter costs about $1.50 to $2.00 . and WILL block out any wind noise . DUKE

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