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RV-8 46 ARF from Hangar 9




Key Features

  • Functioning flaps allow for an enhanced flight envelope
  • Plug-in wings make for easy assembly and disassembly, as well as easy transport to and from the flying field
  • Durable but lightweight fiberglass cowl and wheel pants offer attractive finishes to the plane’s looks
  • Completion time reduced thanks to pre-hinged control surfaces and pre-installed control horns
  • Hardware included for mounting glow or electric power, meaning no additional items to purchase and no guesswork when it comes to electric option installation
  • Lighter weight of tail dragger design provides excellent scale flight performance


The success of the RV series helped Van’s Aircraft, founded in 1973 by Richard VanGrunsven, become and remain one of the most popular homebuilt airplane kit manufacturers in the world. Hangar 9’s sport-scale version of Van’s tandem low-wing RV-8 is just as nimble, responsive and maneuverable as its full-scale counterpart, making it a great choice for sport and aerobatic flying fun.


The RV-8 offers pilots tremendous scale-like flight performance thanks to its similarity to the original design. Constructed from sturdy, lightweight balsa and plywood, assembling it is simple because much of the work has already been completed, such as control surfaces that have been pre-hinged and control horns that have already been installed. The RV-8’s simple, classy trim scheme is highlighted by a red-and-white checkerboard design that adorns the tail to provide just the right amount of pizzazz.


You can fly the RV-8 as either glow or electric since all of the hardware is included. The easy access top hatch allows for quick changing of the flight batteries for the electric flyer. Storing and transporting the plane to the flying field is also convenient, since the two-piece bolt-on wing removes quickly and easily.


Fast, maneuverable and aerobatic, the RV-8 offers an exciting flying experience any inspired pilot should explore. 

Price $229.99



Wingspan: 59.8 in (1519mm)

Overall Length: 52 in (1321mm) w/spinner

Wing Area: 705 sq in (45.5 sq dm)

Flying Weight: 6.5–7.25 lb (3–3.3 kg)

Engine Size: 2-stroke: .40–.52; 4-stroke: .56–.82

Motor Size: EP: .46–.60

Radio: 6+ channel

Servos: 7 (EP uses 6 servos)

Trim Scheme Colors: White (HANU870), Flame Red (HANU883), Silver (HANU881), Black (HANU874)

Spinner Size: White 2 3/4 in (70mm) not included


Updated: May 29, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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