Florida Jets 2020

S.E. 5A

S.E. 5A

Article and photos by Richard Uravitch

IT’S A CRISP autumn morning in France, somewhere around 1918. In the distance the familiar sound ot a rooster heralds the dawn. The sun winks over the horizon, piercing the tree line with darts of brightness. Thefabric-and-woodfighting machines stand in line, their skins laden with the morning dew. A figure appears, then another, and still another. Quickly securing their hastily-donned gear, they hurry toward their steeds and strap in with the help of their omnipresent ground crew. The stillness of the morning is shattered by the sound of three Wolseley Vipers coming to life. As if prematurely disturbed, they balk and finally awaken, expressing their rebellion with great clouds of billowing smoke. Settling nuw into the syncopated staccato of idle power, the three taxi a short ways, turn to the east, and take off to challenge the enemy. The Dawn Patrol lives!

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: FSP03852 R.A.F. S.E. 5A

Updated: July 7, 2014 — 8:36 AM

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