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Hot product releases at RCX!

Hot product releases at RCX!

At last year’s RCX, we were blown away by the debut of Horizon Hobby’s SAFE Technology for new RC pilots. What releases will you see at the Costa Mesa show? Get your tickets today at! Check out our post from last summer’s show:

Learning to fly just got easier! I was able to test-fly Horizon’s new Apprentice equipped with SAFE technology and this is one cool model! This plane has really stable flight performance, and it can actually take off and land on its own with just a little assistance from the pilot. It has beginner, intermediate and expert modes so it can grow with you as you get more comfortable on the sticks. In beginner mode, you have limited control and can’t turn the plane hard; all of the movements will be slow and smooth. In intermediate mode the pilot can turn the plane up to 90 degrees but the model won’t roll over yet. In advanced mode the pilot has complete control of the plane and can perform sport aerobatics. I liked the plane’s “panic” switch the best — you can use this in any mode, and if the plane gets in any position that you aren’t comfortable with you can pull the switch. No matter what attitude the plane is in it will right itself and smoothly descend. Look for the exclusive review in a future issue of Model Airplane News!


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:13 PM

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