Savox Servos — Taking RC by Storm!

Savox Servos — Taking RC by Storm!

The Model Airplane News editors have been having excellent results with the new line of servos from Savox USA. These impressive servos have been featured in several MAN Airplane Flight Reports and our contributors have given them two thumbs up for price and performance.

Extremely popular in both Europe and Asia, Savox are quickly becoming a recognized name. Savox offers a wide variety of high-performance digital servos that both meet the requirements for demanding  modelers but also do it at a reasonable price making them an excellent value. Whether you are into fun fly, scale planes or 3D aerobatics, sport sized or giant scale, Savox has great servo choices for you.

Not simply rebranded servos, Savox offers sevros with torque outputs from 25 to 277 oz.-in. and prices ranging from $28 to $116. Gearing is available with industrial plastic, metal and titanium and aluminum. But wait! There’s still more. Savox just launched the first 12-bit 4096 resolution digital servos comprising coreless motors and titanium alloy gearing. I’m sure well be seeing a lot more from Savox USA.

Savox Servos

SavoxUSA (855) 76-SAVOX; ;

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:36 PM


  1. Is great to see a well design product at a resonable price. That’s why they are the hotest selling servos right now. Which will be benefitial also for us the modelers because now the other companies might drop their prices a little because they have a great competitor taking business from them.

    I’m using their 1268’s HV and I just love them, centering is awesome, price was really good and they’re HV so no regulators needed with 2s Li-Po.

    I have used all the other brands too but for the money, features, weight and service Savox are here to stay!

  2. Do they have an equiv to the HS85MG?

    1. All of the specs for their servos are at

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