Scale A-10 Warthog

Scale A-10 Warthog
Check out the amazing detail on this A-10 Warthog, compete with shark-mouth nose art! Take a tour of this scale beauty and watch the flight. We give this A-10 a score of 10 out of 10!
Updated: February 21, 2023 — 12:59 PM


  1. Remarkable plane; good pilot. I don’t think I have seen a more beautiful flying site.

  2. It must be a real challenge to fly at that site. With the mountains, etc. I suspect there are some wild wind currents there in addition to the ever changing background.

    His fying is as a real A-10.I was stationed at Myrtle Beach, SC. We were the 2nd base activated with the A-10. At the beggining, there were some issues with the pilots being too lead-footed on the brakes. The would catch on fire. It got fix with new pads and training. The A-10 replaced A-7 ‘Sluff”.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Beautiful but….. Did he have an issue wiht the nose wheel? It didn’t seem to retract.

  5. I worked for the 75th out of Pope AFB. I worked this tail number while I was there. My plane was 79-0204. I have heard that she is still flying.

    Great flying with a bad NG. I did notice at 18 seconds into the video that the gear door was not completely open. Perhaps this could have caused the issue.

    Over all fantastic detail! Right down to the windshield wash filling cap. The flap was pointing aft as it should be!. On word, incredible!

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