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What’s your Favorite Scale Detail?

What’s your Favorite Scale Detail?

The editors of Model Airplane News are really into scale RC airplanes. When you build a scale project, its like working on and assembling several smaller scale projects, then adding them all together to come up with one impressive aircraft. Some modelers love detailing the outside surfaces of their models with panel lines and rivets, while others enjoy detailing the inside of the cockpit. As the summer months are now upon us and there are a bunch of scale events to attend and fly at, we’d like to ask: “What turns you on about scale airplanes?” Those small additions that really help bring your model airplane to life.

Tell us what your favorite piece of scale detail is? Working flaps, scale propeller, dummy engine, retracts? How about a functional bomb drop or a sliding canopy? Instrument panels,  machine guns, accurate nose art? Tell us what you like and why. When it comes a top notch scale airplanes, it’s all in the details


ziroli Rotary

Dummy rotary and radial engines? This one from Nick Ziroli Giant Scale Plans. ziroligiantscaleplans.com

Scale Propellers? These are from Falcon Propellers. falcompropellers.com


Arizona Model Aircrafters Cockpits

Accurate cockpit and instrument panel details? This was built from an Arizona Model Aircrafter laser cut kit. Servos under the pilot seat move the joy stick! arizonamodels.com


Accurate Airplane Markings and Insignia? Red5Designs.com makes it easy with stick-on markings.


Scale, period-accurate pilot figure? Who else but Warbird Pilots?

And for Jet aircraft also! warbirdpilots.com

Vintage Wheels? Du-Bro Products has all sorts of types and sizes.

Be sure to watch for our upcoming December 2021 issue of MAN. Our annual Scale Special issue, it will include many popular scale accessories and planes. dubro.com




Updated: July 21, 2021 — 12:10 PM


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  1. I particularly like scale pilots with scale equipment like headsets and helmets also scale equipment in the cockpit such as instruments, maps and doughnut boxes

  2. Accurate cockpit with pilot. I appreciate seeing them because I have made them and it takes a great amount of time and work for something so small.

  3. For me it has to be engines and cockpits since these are the focal points of a model

    1. Hey Rob. I would agree. I also like small surface details, like hinged panels and trim tabs.

  4. overall appearance and detailed cockpits, when on display most want to see inside the cockpit

  5. dummy rotary and radial engine do attract my attention. Hope that there will be come in many different size by market…

  6. functional exhausts and cockpit.

  7. I agree with guys on panel lines, rivets, screw heads etc. Those little things and the profile of a pilot in the cockpit really pulls it together.

  8. My first love is trying to get an accurate shape and the only way I have found to do that is using full-size aircraft blueprints. Slowly doing a 1/8 B17 set of plans from all original drawings.

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