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Scale Soviet Fighters on Display

Scale Soviet Fighters on Display

This video comes to us from our UK friends Dean and Pete Coxon, who filmed these two Yaks at a recent LMA meet in Tibenham, Norfolk. They write, “The pilots Mike Booth (Yak-3) and John Horne (Yak-11) formed their two-man ‘Red Stars’ display team late last year and this is their first public flight. [When] the Yak 3 had [landing gear] issues, John and his Yak-11 carried on with the display alone.” The Yak-11 (pictured) has a sleek cowl with an inline engine and features built-up construction and is powered by a 3W 150cc inline twin spinning a 32×12 prop.


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  1. “Red Stars Display Flight”
    The airplane you are called Yak-11 is actually a Yak-3U experimental fighter plane with radial engine.”Yak-3U
    Yak-3 fitted with Shvetsov ASh-82FN radial engine with 1,380 kW (1,851 hp) in an attempt to increase performance while avoiding the overheating problems of VK-107 and VK-108. Wingspan increased by 20 cm (8 in), wings moved 22 cm (9 in) forward, cockpit raised by 8 cm (3 in). Armament of 2 × 20 mm Berezin B-20 cannons with 120 rpg. The prototype reached 682 km/h (424 mph) at 6,000 m (19,685 ft) and while successful did not enter production because it was completed after the war. Flying a modified replica Yak-3U manufactured in Romania in 2005 and powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-2000 engine, William Whiteside set an official international speed record for piston-engined aircraft in the under-3,000 kg (6,615-pound) category on 10 October 2011, reaching 655 km/h (407 mph) over a 3-km (1.863-mile) course at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the United States, greatly exceeding the previous record of 491 km/h (305 mph) set in 2002 by Jim Wright. The following day, Whiteside used the same aircraft to set an unofficial speed record for aircraft in the category of 670 km/h (416 mph) over the same 3-km (1.863-mile) course.[12]” (WIKIPEDIA)
    Yak-11 is two seater trainer fighter

    Yak-3 presented at that show has wrong painting. Blue White Red spinner was marking for Normandie-Neiman French regiment

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