Scott Crosby wins low/inverted contest – This is why!

Scott Crosby wins low/inverted contest – This is why!
Hi Ken,
       I am happy to see Canada and Canadian modelers in MAN, keep up the good work!
Last Sunday at the Fort Saskatchewan R/C Club we had a “who could fly closest to the ground inverted contest”. The attached picture is of my DA50 powered PAU Edge 540 on final landing approach. As you can see, I was the eventual winner of the contest. I hit the ground tearing off my rudder assembly. The Edge was landed safely and the only damage was a punture in the elevator and some torn out hinges. We have decided that contests such as this can become quite expensive as egos tend to get in the way of better judgement. 
PS: Scott having fun is what weekends are made for next time get the limbo poles out!
Updated: January 26, 2012 — 1:25 PM


  1. that’s pretty close! At the recent Warbirds event in Delaware, Adam Lilly flying a giant scale P-40 Warhawk won the “how Low can you go” high speed pass contest, by cutting grass with his 3-blade prop. there was green all over the prop tips and the cowling! :^)

  2. David Hollik actually opened the contest on Saturday with a low inverted pass – green grass stains on tip of the rudder.
    Scott finally won on Sunday because he had a deeper divot. Both pilots survived the event.

  3. Nice… But Scott why are you and David having so much fun while I’m on holidays… Lol jk
    Keep it up guys

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