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Scratch-Build 1/4-scale Bf-109

Scratch-Build 1/4-scale Bf-109

Longtime MAN contributor Gary Allen, of Winchester, VA., recently finished his newest project, a Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4. The subject aircraft was WNr. 5175, piloted by Unteroffizer Ernst Poschenrieder, of the 7./JG53, based at Le Touquet-Estaples during WW II.

Gary has all the documentation for his project and he comments that Ernst’s   aircraft was shot down, and crash-landed at Broom Hill, Kent on September 30, 1940.

Gary says: “The model was designed and constructed entirely by me from my own plans. I did not work from plans but rather I used ModelCad, a very simple to use 2-D CAD program. I decided to build the fuselage around a box structure using 1/8-inch aircraft plywood. The box integrates the motor mount, tank platform, wing tubes and landing gear mounts.  I incorporated 3/8×3/4 inch spruce strips at the bottom and top of the side pieces for added strength and to provide a surface to mount the plywood electronics and air valve platform.”

“I glassed the Cowl pieces and the fuselage back to the cockpit with 2 oz. cloth.  I then glassed the entire airframe with 1oz. cloth.  I used Z-Poxy Finishing Resin thinned with 50% acetone and brushed through the fiberglass.  I covered the control surfaces with Solartex . Rib stitching was simulated by laying 1/32 chart tape on strips of Solartex, slicing it to width, ironing it in place and overlaying another strip of Solartex. The result is quite convincing.

After the fiberglass was applied and sanded I used Rustoleum Auto Primer to prime the airframe.  I used Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer on the Solartex covered control surfaces.  After many coats of auto primer and a lot of sanding, I applied 1/32 Chart tape to the panel lines.  After several coats of primerand lots of sanding, I removed the chart tape leaving well defined panel lines.

For scale parts I used formed fiberglass parts from a RCSB.com forum contributor by the name of Larry Botsford.


Scale:    25%

Wing Span:         97 1/8 inches

Length: 85 inches

Weight:                33 lbs

Power: DA 85 fitted with custom muffler from J’Tech

Radio:   Transmitter: Futaba 14 SG, Receiver: 2 X R2008SB, Servos:   HiTech HS-5645 MG Digital

Finish:   Warbird Colors epoxy paint over Rustoleum Automotive Primer w/Minwax Satin Polyurethane clear overcoat.

Construction:     Balsa,A/Cplywood, fiberglass. Solartex. Fabric surfaces

The following items were purchased:

Custom parts from Larry Botsford  (under wing radiators, wing spent cartridge receptacle, exhaust shroud nose, exhaust stubs)

Resin Parts from Meister Scale (cowl hatches, machine gun stubs)

Rub on nomenclature from Meister Scale

Custom spinner from Tag Model Spinners

Retractable Landing Gear and Tail Wheel Fork from Shinden Machine

Sullivan Wheel Hubs and Dubro 6” Big Wheel Tires

Eduard ¼ scale Instrument Panel Kit

WarbirdPilots.com Luftwaffe ¼ Scale Pilot

As always, Gary produces some amazing scale aircraft. Stay tuned as we will be adding some flight shots when the Bf 109 goes through flight testing.

Updated: September 8, 2020 — 7:53 AM


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  1. What is the size and source of the propeller on this stunning aircraft?

  2. very nice job

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