1. Nothing beats the sight of a Waco biplane cruising the sky. YMMV. Nicely built and nicely flown.

  2. Beautiful Waco! With the Moki radial she sounds almost like the real thing! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful flight to watch while I recover from hip surgery, wishing that I could be at our club field

  4. Wow! Super Nice Waco! Love the sound of that Moki engine. Nice landing! Those tail draggers love grass. Great pilot, I might add also!!

  5. Wingspan? Weight? Scale?

  6. G’Day from Australia,
    Great Job. Nice smooth piloting.
    Where can one purchase the plans please.
    Regards to All,
    Stefan & Annette

    Air-n-Feathers Queensland Australia

  7. Beautiful plane and sound. Wonderful flight in the cloud background. Thought I was flying up there with it. Great job!

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