Secure Servo Linkages — Spring-loaded ball-connectors

Secure Servo Linkages — Spring-loaded ball-connectors

When you build a model airplane and install all the linkages required for the various control functions, the strength and quality of these connections greatly affect the life of your airplane. Simple plastic clevises might be OK for your run-of-the-mill foamie park flier, but for a more involved, high-performance aircraft, you need secure and strong linkage connectors.


Sullivan Products has been producing rugged, quality hardware for years, and when it comes to clevises, it’s hard to beat its steel Gold-N-Clevises with retaining clips. Taking control security to the next level, Sullivan has evolved its line to include the extremely well-engineered ball connector with a locking sleeve.

Color coded for easy identification, these ball connectors are available in three basic sizes: 4-40 (blue), 2-56 (red), and 2mm (green) to mate with threaded wire pushrods (also available from Sullivan). These connectors are based on strong ball links that can be easily threaded into your servo arms and control horns, or used with your engine’s throttle arm. A heavy-duty 3mm (gold) version is also available. These ball connectors also provide flexible geometry by allowing the pushrod to move and pivot if needed during operation while holding the locking sleeve securely in place, eliminating the chances of the linkage coming apart. The locking sleeve is spring loaded, so besides providing a bulletproof connection, it is also extremely easy to release by hand when you want to.

Lots of people think these connectors are good only for throttle linkages, but I have found them equally useful for flaps, ailerons, rudder, and elevator linkage connections as well. Easy-to-remove linkages are great for performing maintenance or repairs. Prices range from $5.99 to $7.69.


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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a small yet heavy duty straight adjustable spring to be mounted in a nylon foot brace, would you have something like that ? Thank you.

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