SEF 94 Pre-Mixed Gasoline

SEF 94 Pre-Mixed Gasoline

What is SEF™94?

SEF™94 is the solution for all of your large-scale fuel needs. SEF™94 is formulated by the experts at VP® Racing Fuels specifically for optimum performance and long-term durability in small 2-stroke engines. VP® starts with a premium high-performance unleaded ethanol-free race-blend, and then premixes only the highest quality synthetic oil that exceeds API TC and JASO FD lubrication standards for you. 50:1 and 40:1 premixes are available along with a 4-cycle unleaded fuel ready for your choice of lubricant. Just simply pour it in and feel the difference!

SEF™94 alleviates ethanol related problems

Contains no ethanol

Addresses ethanol-related problems that stabilizers can’t fix

Protects your fuel system

Remains stable during long-term storage

Runs cleaner and smoother, with better throttle response

Extends engine life

Available in quart containers and 5-gallon pails, including:

SEF94 4-Cycle Unleaded Fuel

SEF94 2-Cycle Pre-Mixed with Oil

PRE-MIX 50:1

PRE-MIX 40:1

No Measuring, Mixing or Mess – Just Pour It In!

“NOTE: SEF94 is for use in small engines only. It is not a street legal fuel and may not be used in motor vehicles.”

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Updated: April 13, 2011 — 9:17 AM
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